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BRC billet non twist Fueler style racing crank for 440 RB engine 3.750 stroke mopar big end en rod size.

Crank has been fitted to check but was never used.

Mopar oem. 440 six pack crank new in the box ........yes new!! One of the best and strongest factory crancks.

Childs and Albert 3D aluminuim rods for 440 with 440 rodsize and mopar pinsize. So will fit perfectly with the BRC crank.

Crower mech. roller cam 440 620-650 lift i have the specscard with it ofcourse.

Correct springs , titanium valvespring retainers locks and lash caps.

Isky mech.roller lifters and Isky rev kit to go with it wich are rare to find.

Milodon big oil system with external pickup one new in the box one has been mounted but never used.part nr 21195

Milodon gear drive BB mopar part nr 13250 new in box.

Milodon oil pumpdrive bronze gear.

Twin holley´s 4224 center mechanical squiters for tunnelram or blower setup.  

 All good parts wich i can ship or you can pick them up .

I´m not a business , i´m just looking for reasenable offers for these parts.



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