8 Stk. neue SPEED PRO Schmiedekolben für Chrysler

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verkaufe 8 Stk. neue SPEED PRO Schmiedekolben für Chrysler R/B 440cui. V8 # L2295F.STD, Verdichtung 11.34 bei 78cc Brennraum, Verdichtung 10.32 bei 88cc Brennraum Bore (in):4.320 in. Bore (mm):109.728mm Piston Style:Dome, with a trough Piston Material:Forged aluminum Compression Distance (in):2.029 in. Dome Height (in):0.140 in. Piston Head Volume (cc):-12.10cc Wrist Pin Style:Press-fit or floating Pin Diameter (in):1.094 in. Piston Ring Thickness:1/16 in. x 1/16 in. x 3/16 in. These Speed-Pro forged pistons are made from extruded VMS-75 aluminum alloy that's forged under 3,000 tons of pressure to "near-net" shape. After that, they're machined to their final configuration. These pistons offer excellent strength and durability and are capable of taking the punishment that's dished out on the street and in competition.

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